Fruit Juice Production Line Efficient Equipment

Superheated steam sterilization in Milk Processing Plant is also known as dry heat sterilization. It is sterilized by high-temperature superheated steam, which is sprayed on the items to be sterilized by superheated steam with a temperature of 130 to 160 degrees. The sterilization operation can be completed in a few seconds. At present, the superheated steam sterilization technology is only applicable to Sterilization of heat-resistant food packaging containers (such as metal products, glass products, etc.).
Metal cans are one of the earliest packaging materials for aseptic packaging. They are mainly divided into tinplate cans and aluminum cans. At present, the most advanced representative of the world’s metal cans aseptic packaging is the American Dole Aseptic Canning System. Sterilization technology. The method is that when the empty tank passes through the sterilization chamber on the conveyor chain, the superheated steam is sprayed from above and below for 45 seconds, at which time the tank temperature rises to 221 to 224 degrees Celsius, and the can lid also uses superheated steam of 287 to 316 degrees. Sterilize for 75 seconds to 90 seconds. This high temperature is enough to kill all heat-resistant bacteria. Since all containers and equipment are sterilized by superheated steam, the degree of sterility is high, the residual air in the top space of the can is extremely small, and the product is in a high vacuum state, and the quality of the product is safe and reliable.
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