Milk Processing Plant Production Process

High temperature sterilization milk: It is what we often call “pure milk”, mostly for pillow bag packaging. It is a high temperature instantaneous sterilization of more than 135 °C. The shelf life is longer, usually about 40 days, or even longer, and can be stored at room temperature. Due to the high sterilization temperature, certain nutrients are lost. However, because its storage temperature and shelf life are not strictly required, and it is convenient to carry, it is more suitable for drinking out or traveling. Pasteurized milk: commonly referred to as “fresh milk” in plastic bags and ridged boxes. Low temperature disinfection below 70 ° C was taken. The shelf life is usually less than 10 days and needs to be refrigerated at 4 °C. Better preserve the nutrition and flavor of milk, more suitable for family consumption.

In the Milk Processing Plant, the milk that has just been squeezed is put into the milk tank first, and is quickly cooled to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and prolong the antibacterial duration of the milk. The cooled milk needs to be sent to the factory for processing in time. That is, through filtration, purification, cooling, homogenization, sterilization and packaging, it becomes the disinfected milk that people drink every day.

One of the most important processes for making yogurt is fermentation. Fermentation refers to the process by which microorganisms decompose organic matter and produce and accumulate specific metabolites in large quantities. For example, the decomposition of organic matter by lactic acid bacteria simultaneously produces and accumulates a large amount of lactic acid, which is the process of fermentation.

Fermentation is a process of decomposing organic matter without the participation of oxygen. It is also called anaerobic respiration. When the product is alcohol, it is called alcohol fermentation. When it is lactic acid, it is called lactic acid fermentation.

The dairy production line produced by Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. not only sterilizes milk, but also has a professional understanding of the Fruit Juice Production Line. It is different according to the process requirements, and the equipment model and price are different. More milk, because there are more cows.

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